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Location: National Cycling Centre, Manchester

Day: Thursday

Dates: May 30th


  • U10-U11: 10am-3pm

What to wear: Training kit, netball trainers

Coach: Tom Nokes



  • Competitive

  • Good standard of ball handling skills and understanding of the rules and technical aspects of netball

  • Happy to play 7v7 games

  • Working towards county level performance

  • Understands there will be a element of winning and losing within the training sessions

  • Good level of fitness

Our Aim

This academy will aim to help improve your child's performance on a technical, physical and mental level. Our goal will be to teach them how to conduct themselves in a high performance environment and provide sessions that test them through-out. Each session will have a competitive element to it, this will help build that resolve and character competitors need. The academy will build towards competitive match play where participants will have the chance to win awards, play against other academies and build up towards a end of season national competition

Additional Incentives

Our academy sessions will involve a competitive match play element. This is key to getting the players to understand how to transfer their learning into a real time environment. Through-out the 2023/24 season all players in the winning teams of our competitive match play will be invited to a national tournament to compete against all the other academy match play winners to see which region is No.1.

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