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The ENG Netball Academy provides your child with a structured training plan to help them excel. Depending on their age will depend on the level of training we provide but everyone will be treated the same when it comes to instilling the ethos and culture of the academy. Below is the experience we will offer your child when attending our academy.


  • Create a environment that is supportive and transparent.

  • To create a structured training plan that will help your child improve all aspects of their game.

  • To offer good constructive feedback.

  • Link up with like minded companies to create match play scenarios so they can put into practice what they have learned.

  • Assist with their learning away from the court by providing training videos.

  • Make them feel apart of a family working towards common goals and objectives. 

  • Create a culture which respects the value of hard work, discipline, honesty and desire to always want to improve.

  • To reward participants with medals and prizes at the end of each term to give them a sense of achievement.

  • Work towards a national competition at the end of the summer programme.



Ball and movement skills

  • Work through technical aspects

  • Looking at personal development

  • Improve basic skills

  • Support execution on the court

Unit Work

  • Working on different areas of the court

  • Conditioned scenarios in units

  • In game context and in match play

Match Play

  • Encouraging players to be creative on court.

  • Help develop decision making skills under pressure

  • Apply skill development to transfer into a game

  • Drive competitive success

Strength & Conditioning

  • Improve core strength, which is vital for good balance.

  • Improve mental toughness by creating sessions that build resilience to being uncomfortable and sustaining performance when tired.

Co-ordination Skills

  • Improve co-ordination with sessions designed to improve footwork and balance.

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