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About Us


The ENG Netball Academy is the result of the work done by ENG Sports UK to engage netballers into the world of competitive sport through their events and workshops. Since 2019, ENG Sports UK has helped thousands of netballers engage in competitions which help them progress their learning within the world of performance focused sport. The ENG Netball Academy wants to take that learning to a whole new level and get netballers as young as eight understanding the expectations of playing sport and to educate players in the art of winning. We've teamed up with some of countries most talented coaches to help deliver a programme that will inspire, motivate and take your child's game to the next level.

Our Vision:

  • To improve your child's game.

  • To instill a competitive mindset that allows them to take on challenges with confidence.

  • Help them understand and respect processes.

  • To immerse them in competitive environments.

  • Build sessions that constantly challenge them mentally and physically.

  • Offer rewards that keep them motivated and engaged.

  • To make participants feel their part of a family that will support their development.

  • To offer a high level of coaching.

  • Support their development away from the academy with training videos and support.

  • To link up with clubs to help your child to find the best environment for their mindset and talent.

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