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We have an amazing line up of coaches who help deliver the sessions weekly. Some of the coaches have played at the highest level and others have had success at our national competitions. If you would like to enquire about booking their services, please contact us at or call on 07376265748



Kristie is the founder of North West Elite and has been coaching for over 10yrs and holds Level 2 qualifications in coaching for both basketball and netball. A former Great Britain basketball player Kristie brings alot of experience to our coaching team due to her knowledge of playing at the highest level in her chosen sport.



Hayley Peyman is highly recognised as one of the best youth netball coaches in the country. Hayley on several occasions has led teams to England Netball National Finals and has also won numerous national events competing within the ENG Sports UK netball structures.



Hayley is a highly respected coach in the West Midlands and is the Head Coach of one of the region's most successful team Sutton Town. Hayley has been playing netball since she was a child and has won many events within the England Netball Pathway and ENG Sports UK netball structures.

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