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Welcome to ENG Netball Academy

The ENG Netball Academy is designed to bring out the best in your child using the power of competition. Young netballers from the ages of 10-11yrs will be educated on how to improve their game by a host of elite coaches who have experience in winning at the highest level or building teams that compete at a national level. That combined with being immersed into a culture of hard work, discipline and a desire to be the best, this netball academy is so much more than just a place to enjoy the sport you love.

To find out more about how you can join our academy, please click on the button below.

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Training Videos

The hard work dedication is ethos is designed to strengthen the self belief in the participants but also give them that readiness before and during their training. Inspired by one of the greatest boxers to ever compete, the hard work dedication ethos can be taken into all forms of life and help keep that focus which will bring everlasting success in whatever the participants do.

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